Accented Characters in BibTeX Export

There is a lengthy mapping table in BibTeX.js, yet when exporting I seem to get BibTeX files that contain accented characters.

e.g. Müller instead of M\"uller

Is this the way the code is supposed to work?

Of course I could set the encoding in LaTeX, but then what is the mapping table doing?
  • When you export to bibtex, you can select the character encoding (if you don't have that option, toggle it on in Zotero's Export preferences).
    With utf-8, you get unescaped utf-8 characters (e.g. for BibLaTex users and other utf-8 compatible bibtex implementations).
    For other export encodings (I believe the ISO's e.g.) accented characters etc. are escaped.
  • Thanks for the explanation and pointing out the preferences (I missed this).
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