Stars (Individual and social rating)

For group bibliographies, a way to highlight the most important (or best, most loved, whatever) items would be great.

All I can come up with right now is to create a folder "Important" and add the item to that as well as other folders it's in. Or use an "Important" tag.

That'd be ok if it was just me, but for a group, I'd really like it where the number of times it's given a star (or the average number of stars) is based on what multiple people in the group do... so that the strength of "Important" has a social basis, not just the whim of one person.

And rather than have a separate folder, I'd like the "rating" to appear next to the item everywhere - in search results and folder lists (or as a sorting option).

There are a lot of ways to do this - I'm hoping there are some that would not be too complex to implement. Any possibility?
  • Several existing threads, including one with lots of discussion here:
    (for feature requests especially, it's a good idea to spend 5-10mins searching the forum to avoid redundancies)
  • Thanks, and sorry - I just did a cursory search and didn't find it.
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