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Hi everyone, do you know if anyone is working on making a site translator for Scholarworks, the open source repository interface a lot of institutions are using? See example here:

  • (technical note - looks like everything has google highwire meta-tags embedded, but they're preceded by bepress (why???) as in bepress_citation_title - could maybe make sense to fix the metadata translator to get these, too?)

    Non-technical: No one is working on this, but it's quite easy to do, so we can probably make this happen soon.
  • (technical note - since this does not seem to be very universal, I don't think we should include it in embedded metadata)

    I did a little googling around for ScholarWorks and several other websites came up, but for instance KU ScholarWorks ( is actually DSpace (which we have a translator for, although it doesn't seem to work)

    Looking closer at UMass ScholarWorks, it's actually running Digital Commons software (, which is powered by Berkeley Electronic Press (

    So I think the best idea is to write a translator for either Digital Commons or BEPress.
  • Good point - let's move the technical part of the discussion here:
  • Thanks for your sleuthing work. Appreciate the info!
  • edited March 16, 2012
    we're* very close to having that done at least for individual article/item pages - it looks like search results might be do-able for sites powered by bepress, but that will take longer.

    *and by "we" I mean mostly aurimas
  • individual items at umass scholarworks and all other sites powered by bepress now work.
  • Wow! That's amazing work! Thanks so much for your help and speed.

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