Delimiter in place of tag Add button?

The Add button for tags is good in that it
1)Allows the use of commas and spaces and other would-be-delimiters in tags
2)Gives the user a concrete feedback/assurance of having done what she wants to do.

But, popular tagging / 'folksonomy' sites sites such as Flickr, YouTube and Blogger allow (force) space or comma delimiting, (their delimiters differ alas), for a reason, I feel. Delimiting is quick way to add a lot of tags, which Zotero-researchers may want to do even more than Flickr-etc users.

  • A patch implementing this was submitted to Zotero

    It will most likely to be included in Zotero at some point.
  • Great. Thanks.
  • Notes via delimeters would be cool too. Cooler than tags actually since I am finding that my workflow is about taking notes and that tags are more finite, and can be added using the tag tool bottom left.

    Also I have worked out how to summarise and export comments made with PDF-XChange as a text file. It would be great to be able to import that text file into Zotero as multiple tags.

    The below probably an option but it is a bit beyond me.
  • But Dan Stillman's explanation here may work really well, especially if PDF-XChange were to implement that format.
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