Duplicate file Removal

The duplicate bibliographical entry removal tool/collection is great.

But lately I am finding that there are two identical pdf files hiding under a single bibliographic entry (my fault of course). ttt

It would be cool if not only bibliographic, but also file duplicates, appeared in the "Duplicate Item" collection, so that they can be merged in the same way that bibliographic items are merged.


PS. Please, don't consider this post as a 'support request'. Please only consider it, or effect it, if you feel it is a way of improving Zotero. I am of the (misguided?) impression that "feature requests," and "Trouble Shooting" are as good for open source software creators as they are for users. My frequency of posting here was, remains, under that (mistaken?) impression.
  • You are certainly welcome to suggest features.

    This particular feature has been requested before and I believe that is on the development roadmap as well.
  • Thank you.
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