Zotero vs Medeley Comparison

M is newer, but they seem to be doing well!

I see more "download to M" links more than to Zotero links (not that either application needs them). While both do not need such buttons
if they existed for Zotero then Zotero would get buzz, money, development etc.

Someone said recently the only reason they don't leave M is because it has colour tags, like lots of people want.

They have an import from Zotero on their application's front page.

They have more hits on Google but perhaps many are for non related "M...s," but to avoid giving them more his I am using M here.

On the Zotero side, the interface is multi-lingual, which is good if I want anyone else in my Japanese faculty to use it. It also has MLZ multi-lingual Zotero, which (since it does not even have a multilingual GUI) almost certainly does not exist in M.

Someone who posted here on the Zotero forums
said that he used Zotero to get and organise research (which is what I like) but M to cite and create the bibliography.

They seem to be getting more papers uploaded, but they are not open source. These last two facts surprise me. I would have thought that Zotero would have captured the community spirit vibe more and have a much larger bibliographical database.

I hope that I can upload lots of bibliographic material soon! I want to stay here, but it is still early so, rat that I am, I could jump ship. I want to feel I have made the right decision. Please tell that M sucks!
  • Try it out then. It's closed source. You sign away a lot of rights - as with most EULA's for proprietary software. It's word processor integration is much worse than Zotero's.
    Mendeley emphasizes the social networking angle more than Zotero - that sounds like it's important to you.

    The googlefight is irrelevant - google Mendeley and then click thorough to the 300's link and google tells you they're ommitting the remaining links.
  • Yes Dr. Adam Smith, the social element is important too! Thank you for pointing that out. I may try it out but I am busy importing loads stuff into Zotero right now. I am interested to hear from those who have used it.

    Word processor integration is very important. I wonder why that guy above said he was using Mendeley for the creation part.

    I am not too fussed about the Googlefight either but google hits may be an indication of popularity. The more popular Zotero is the better it will work.

    Since you are in many ways the voice of Zotero, please allow me to recommend a softer discourse style? Think smiles and roses? Can I call you Adam?

  • Tim,

    No, you may not call him "Adam." For starters, it's not his name.

    We're happy to see that you've been learning a lot about Zotero with two dozen posts to these forums seeking support in just two days. Given the thoughtful and generous responses you've received, it's hardly appropriate for you to impugn adamsmith's capacity to respond effectively.

    Let's all now try to get back to the business of doing research and/or supporting the Zotero community. Closing this thread.
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