Can save to collections only to library [FiXED]

Lately I have been unable to use the grab icons in the address bar to save to collections, or sub-collections, only to My Library.

I highlight the collection or sub-collection, click on a Google book icon or Jstor bibliographic icon, save and wait, and after a while I see that the item has turned up in the main library but not in the collection or sub-collection.

My error ID is 1715616048

I am not aware of anything secret in these files so I have
also uploaded to the net. I also took videos with snagit,
and I did it twice since I thought it might be a problem
with sub collections only.

The above were both from Google books, but the problem appears
occur at JSTOR too.

Zotero says there are no errors in my database.

The blue "create a new item from current page" icon does save to collections however.
  • Rebooting Firefox cured this problem, so please forget it, at least unless someone else reports similar.
  • edited March 10, 2012
    Actually, I'm having the same issue with JSTOR -- plus, PDFs are no longer being grabbed. :( This is after a reboot and other translators I've tried work OK.
  • szarka - start a new thread,
    Make sure the problem still exists after disabling all non-Zotero FF add-ons (or Safari/Chrome extensions).
    Then, provide a debug ID for an attempt to get one item from JSTOR.
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