I can automate bibliographic entries to clipboard but not citations?

I can right click on any entry, select "generate bibliography from selected item" and then paste that item into a bibligraphy.

But, while there is an icon for inserting a citation in the word plugin, I do not see a way of generating a citation, such as an APA citation, in the Zotero/firefox GUI. Okay, so it is easy. Just

1) Right click
2) choose "generat bibliography from selected item"
3) Click on okay in the screen showing the style and clipboard,
4) Delete the bibliography to the date
5) Delete the authors intials
6) Move the bracket around the date to the front.

If there are several authors then it does take a while.

I guess this is only an issue when using APA type citations.

It would be nice to have generate citation in the right click menu, and indeed a shortcutkey.

  • Shift+drag or ctrl+alt+A does this.
  • Dear Adam Smith

    Your kind responses are always so fast. Thank you very much.

    ctrl+alt+A (Masuda, Gonzalez, Kwan, & Nisbett, 2008). Yess!
    Shift+drag (Masuda, Gonzalez, Kwan, & Nisbett, 2008). YesSSS!

    Wow. There is even a page for setting the shortcuts!

    Perhaps I should read the zotero book(Puckett, 2011) (yess!!) rather than asking obvious questions.
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