bug in notes when entering text into existing notes


When I open an existing note, and add some text, this text is then automatically moved to the top of the note window (and the title of the note reflects this too).

This is very annoying behaviour.
It does not always occur, but it often does.
The only thing to do is close firefox entirely and hope that when restarting the problem won't appear.

Is this a known bug?
Any ideas how to prevent this?

Using zotero 3.0.3 on firefox

  • I don't really follow. Moved how? Is just the cursor moving and then you're typing, or is the text you just typed moving? The former has happened occasionally (usually related to auto-sync), but I'd be highly surprised if the latter were happening.

    Things to try: disabling auto-sync and disabling your other Firefox extensions.
  • hi Dan,

    thanks for your answer.

    The cursor is moving towards the beginning of the note.
    I also have the impression that this only occurs in the detached notes window, and not in the notes window-pane.

    is this a known bug, and is under investigation?

  • edited March 7, 2012
    Try the things I suggested. If we could reproduce it we would fix it.
  • ok thanks
  • Hi,
    I tried your suggestions but the problem still appears.
    I confirm that this problem only occurs in the detached notes window.
    a fix is appreciated.
  • You're saying this happens with auto-sync disabled? If so, when does the cursor move?
  • the cursor moves right after typing some characters, but only in the detached (!) notes window
  • Meaning that it moves the very moment that you stop? A short while after? (How long?) While you're still typing?
  • I'm guessing the very moment you stop, which would mean it's happening when the item is saved. I can't reproduce this, though, so you might need to narrow it down further. Does it happen in all collections?
  • as soon as I start typing, after typing 2-3 characters the cursor moves to the top. This happens only on already saved notes. A new note does not have this behaviour.

  • I'm guessing it's only when you pause long enough between two characters for it to auto-save, though, right? You can see when it's saving by editing the first line, since the title in the middle pane will change when it saves.

    Also, you didn't answer my question about whether this happens in all collections (including the library root).
  • hi,

    I don't pause between characters. I am just typing (I am not a fast typer though). It happens always.
    If I write a few letters, then the cursor moves to the upper left corner, and indeed, then the title changes in the middle pane (when editing the first line).

    I just tested it and, it seemingly only happens in the library root. (where most of my standalone notes happen to be stored)

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