adding aardvark functionality

aardvark is a firefox extension ( that lets you edit a webpage. I mostly use it to remove advertisements and other extraneous info.
If I clean up a page, and then try and save it in Zotero, zotero takes the page content from the site, and not from my browser. Is there a way to tell zotero to take the content in my browser, or, alternatively, to include aardvark in zotero so I can cleanup stored webpage snapshots?
(BTW, to forestall the advice about using the printer-friendly version of webpages, many such pages still have ads)
  • You can retroactively edit the pages you capture. If you click on "Show file" in the right pane you should see the archived HTML file and all the associated files. You can then just launch the HTML file through whatever editor you want and edit the archived page.
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