add toolbar buttons and shortcuts for rightclick zotero menu items like "create new item from curre


For my research I capture a lot webpages, and I am using zotero (which is excellent) for this. but it is annoying to right click, and find the zotero menu item.

It would be much easier to do that with a toolbar button.

so, is it possible to add "firefox toolbar" buttons (and shortcuts) for rightclick zotero menu items like "create new item from current page"?

I mean here the firefox toolbar, not the url-bar or the zotero toolbar ;)

here is another thread with a similar (but not the same) request:

  • Do you use Zotero Standalone or Zotero for FF? In Zotero standalone, this will likely happen. In Zotero for FF you can just keep Zotero open on the bottom of the page and use the "Create new Item from Current Page" button (next to the green plus).
    Using Pentadactyl it's likely possible to create a keyboard shortcut for that function, too.
  • hi Adam,

    Thanks for answering.

    I use firefox.
    I already use the workaround you suggested, but that is not an optimal solution, because I don't want zotero to eat up valuable screen real estate ;).

    I don't realy like keyboard shortcuts because I am more a mouse/touchpad fan, but I was surprised that there was no option for this in the zotero settings for keyboard shortcuts.

    An option to add zotero toolbar buttons to firefox toolbar would be a very welcome addition, so I would be grateful if you want to consider this.

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