Progress Bar / Download Management

I request the following closely related featres:

- display a progress bar for downloading of PDFs
- allow pausing PDF downloading
- allow remembering state between restarts so I can resume downloads after restarting zotero

- have an option to 'try to download pdf' for a set of items--ie. for an item imported from google scholar when you were on a different network that had different access privledges

- in all cases allow throttling the number of connections per second, etc.
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    A progress bar will happen. The others probably won't. (When there's a progress bar you might be able to stop downloads, but not pause or resume. #4 would be nice, but it's complicated, since gated download links are often state-dependent. Zotero might throttle downloads automatically, but it won't give a visible option for it.)
  • Will downloads be interrupted if I import a second page of pdfs from google scholar before the first set of downloads is complete? More generally, is there anything I have to avoid doing, other than closing zotero, to make sure all the downloads that zotero can perform are completed?

    Also, to anyone working on a progress bar, a temporary option to just spit out current network commands in some debug window would be much appreciated, or just a simple pop-up saying 'done!' when downloads are completed--I hate having to wonder if they're done when I'm about to pick up my computer and head out somwhere! :-)

    Also, to users with the same problem--you can get a slightly better idea of whether downloads are done if you sort the folder in question by the 'plus' column which shows how many files are currently attached--after that it's like waiting for popcorn to stop popping--you get a sense of when no more 1's are going to appear :-)
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