MDPI: titles not abbreviated

The journal Sensors states that MDPI style should be used

I've installed MDPI from the zotero style repository,
but the journal titles are not abbreviated, while
the page I mentioned states that
Journal references must cite the full title of the paper and its starting and ending pages. Cited journals should be abbreviated according to ISO 4 rules, see for instance and

8. Bowman, C.M.; Landee, F.A.; Reslock, M.A. Chemically Oriented Storage and Retrieval System. 1. Storage and Verification of Structural Information. J. Chem. Doc. 1967, 7, 43-47.
Is there an option to get the titles abbreviated? Or is it that the
zotero MDPI is not equivalent to the one mentioned in ?

Thanks for your help,

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