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Maybe I'm missing this somewhere, but is there a way to have all child notes in a generated report have citation info next to them? I'm trying to do with my notes what I used to do with 3x5 cards - spread them out in front of me, and move them around - but I can't do that without identifying info for each note (my plan is to print my report, and cut it up).

Is there a way to do this, or should I do it manually?

Thanks very much for any advice
  • What kind of information do you need to display?

    Right now notes include parent item title for everything except letters and interviews. For letters, you get author/recipient/date:

    [Dickinson; Letter to WEAF; 15 September 1923]

    For interviews you get interviewee/interviewer/date:

    [Friendly; Interview by Barnouw; December 27, 1968]

    Anything else? Thanks.
  • Is this an option I need to select? My report looks like this (exerpt that shows entire listing for a single note):
    account book, dated 1879, containing indebtedness and payments from a number of individuals, including Fred Harvey. The creditor is not indicated.

    In the back of this account book is a series of what appear to be hand writing exercises. This might be Ford Ferguson Harvey's who would then have been 13.


    * ford

    * fred
    The only meta-data that seems to come through is the tags. I don't get anything like the short identifying info you list above (which, you're right, is EXACTLY what I want). Is the problem potentially that my search is constructed such that parents don't have all the tags that their children do? (My report is generated for a saved search by a specific tag (in this case, "fred"), but the parent entry is simply tagged by chapter.
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    Which version of Zotero do you have? Z 1.0.3 definitely includes parent info in notes. Are you generating the report by right-clicking on the saved search and choosing "generate report from saved search"?

    Parents don't have to have the tags for this to work--in fact, I would suggest to include item type=note search condition if you're searching on the tag that tags parents and children but you only want to display the notes.
  • I'm using 1.0.3, and generating the report by right-clicking on the saved search and choosing "generate report from saved search."

    For this type of activity, I do want both parents and children (e.g. notes) that are tagged with my search term. I want to see everything that I thought was related to the topic, all at once, but marked so that I can see identifying info for each item (including the notes).

    Maybe a slightly longer excerpt will help you figure out what I'm doing wrong:

    Fred Harvey: Creator of Western Hospitality

    Type Book
    Author William Patrick Armstrong
    Publisher Canyonlands Publications
    Date 2000
    Pages 30
    ISBN 0970259506
    Short Title Fred Harvey
    Date Added Wednesday, January 09, 2008 3:24:22 PM
    Modified Wednesday, January 09, 2008 3:24:22 PM


    o ch2
    o fred



    06: Ford went to Racine College in Racine, Wisconsin. "Ford
    would later be forced to drop out of school in 1884 to learn
    the family business due to his father's failing health."


    + dates
    + ford
    + fred
    + important

    05: 1865 - "Harvey had advanced to the position of General
    Western Agent for the North Missouri Railroad, and was
    transferred 30 miles south to Leavenworth, Kansas." Ford
    Ferguson Harvey, b. March 7, 1866


    + dates
    + ford
    + fred

    Basically, I only seem able to get the parent item info to list once, no matter how many notes there are. I want the parent item info to be with each note... which sounds like what should be happening, based on your first message.

    My apologies if I'm being obtuse here - I just really don't want to have to write in the ID info by hand for each note before I cut them apart.

  • Ok, I figured it out - I ended up going in to about:config, and changing to FALSE - true seems to be the default setting, and it disallows the specific thing I was trying to achieve.

    I think I'm all set now :-)
  • I am having the same problem. Where do you find the config file?
  • In the address bar (where you normally type web addresses) simple enter "about:config" without the quotation marks.
  • Thanks for the information. Another questions. Is there a way to have notes print out in a specific order ? I read one suggestion of putting the page number from text at the beginning of the note [022]. They appear correctly in the collection, but there does not seem to be any order when showing in the generated report.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    append ?sort=note to the end of the url
  • Thanks, are these great little addons documented anywhere?
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    This particular one is in the FAQ.
  • Always another question - Is there a maximum size for the generated report? I currently have 77 entries with an average of 5 notes each. But the report only does 20 1/2 entries. I imagine I need to increase the amount of space it uses, but can't find where to do this.

    Thanks for any help.
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