Author-date references shown as superscripts


I have a file, originally created with an older version of Zotero but updated to 3, where a (random?) number of references are shown as superscripts which they should not. I can manually remove the superscript but whenever the references are updated they're in superscript again.

Is there a way to get rid of this?

Thank in advance
  • Thank you for your reply. It is no problem to see with citations are problematic--they're obviously shown in superscript, otherwise I hadn't any problems. And yes, I can delete them. Sometimes, reinserting helps, other times it won't. The same holds for new citations.
  • Follow the link; it gives step-by-step instructions on fixing broken documents. Zotero won't behave like this when it is functioning normally. If weird things are happening in your document or on your system, it's best to get to the bottom of the problems before they get worse.
  • 1. Track changes is off.
    2. I did insert citations in image captions.
    3. I am not using Word.
    4. I always make copies.
    5. I did try to change the style.
    6. I did try to delete the reference list.
    7. I can report a bug (I now did) but I would know whether it's related to my problem.
    8. I sent an "exemplar" of a wrong citation.
  • You're misunderstanding the purpose of those steps. They're to help you fix the problem on your own. Sending an example document is great, and (if it's a bug in Zotero) may help us prevent this problem in future versions of Zotero, but you won't be receiving a reply to your e-mail. It's possible Simon will have comments for you here after reviewing the example document, but your best bet is to follow the instructions, isolate the problem, and remove it so that you can continue your work.

    Also, you didn't provide a Report ID for your error report.
  • And to be clear, the "problematic" citations aren't necessarily the ones in superscript. The point of the debugging steps is to figure out what citations are actually causing the problem. You may need to use the plugin's Refresh command after each splitting step to see if it's still happening.
  • Hi Dan, thanks for your reply. The ID is 1176205206.

    In any case, the steps do not help solving the problem.

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    [JavaScript Error: "malformed UTF-8 character sequence at offset 15" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/integration.js" line: 552}]
    That's the error. Simon will have to take a look for a fix on our end, but unless you get the same problem after copying a single citation—and each citation—into a new document and clicking Refresh, you're not understanding the point of the debugging steps. (And if you do still get the same problem with a single citation, we need to know that.)
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