Boolean OR Tag selection

I love to work with tags and the tag selector.

But it would be nice, having not only the boolean AND connection using tags but also an OR connection (on every tag-selection level).

Scenario: It often arises, that I want to gather entries using the tag selector and that the entries I want gather have similar but not identical name. So it would be useful having a chance for multiple-selecting of tags. The multiple-selection (in one selection level) should correspond to a boolean OR connection of the selected tags.

In the background, tag selection is surley a simple sql search. So it should be possible to offer such a feature. Ideally this feature would be integrated in the tag-selector, perhaps simply by pressing the shift or control key while clicking with the mouse one the tags (as multiple selection works all over the world)

What are your comments on this feature request?

(I know, that this feature is possible to achieve with saved-searches, combined with normal tag selection. That's not the way I like to do it. Not nicely enough, not quickly enough).

  • I second this request, it would be very useful. Now I can only achieve what I want by following extra steps (and thus extra work).

  • Hi zotero dev Team,

    the inital feature request is meanwhile 4 years old. See ticket 533. I am wondering why the ticket has been "deleted" - without a comment.

    Is there an other ticket for this feature, or what happend?

  • It wasn't deleted. A milestone was removed.
  • I agree that a boolean OR for tags would be very useful. Especially if you use very special tags rather than tags with a broad meaning.

    A simple radio button "AND" + "OR" would be enough. And it should be really easy to implement.

    Looking forward to seeing this feature soon.
  • Additionally, It would be nice to maybe shift-select tags to EXCLUDE them, as in show items that are "Neuroscience" but NOT "fMRI". I know this can be done with advanced search... matter of convenience.
  • Please do not forget this simple but important feature. It would improve the tag-selector dramatically.

    Looking forward (since 2007) to seeing this feature soon.
  • Dan,

    is it possible to close the ticket #533 in the next minor release or to put it one the roadmap again. The ticket should be solved in milestone 2beta3, which was deleted.

    Other applications like Jabref have such possiblities meanwhile. For zotero it would dramatically increase the value of tagging the entries, if the tag-selector has this additional feature.

  • edited October 24, 2012
    How would you implement it in the UI?
    A <simple radio button "AND" + "OR"> (michaelhiller's post above)?
  • I've given this issue some thought as well. The way I see this implemented is via Shift clicking tags. When shift-clicking, you would be able to select multiple tags and then hit an Apply button to apply this set of tags as an OR filter. Normal clicking would function as AND filter.

    I also think we can do Ctrl-click for NOT.
  • (but I can say with near certainty that this won't be in the next release due out in less than a month).
  • I would definately use exclude function... no more tags "not readed" "not yet used".
  • Having already posted some comments to a similar idea elsewhere (, I would also vote for a “button” solution to this issue. Would be very comfortable to have AND/OR/NOT...
  • This is important as automatic tagging often means you have a lot of similar tags for the same issue and want to look at ALL references with a variety of different tags.
  • For anyone else who is looking at this issue, you can use the search function to search for a number of tags together. I didn't see this on any of the information on tagging or in the thread above, so hope it might be useful to someone ....
  • Has there been any progress on this feature?
    Would be a great addition!
  • I think instead of adding radio button to control "or" or "and" tag selection,
    why not just let [control] + click to carry out the "or" tag selection.
  • Anything would be great! Is this feature request still alive?
  • This features would really be great. We can do it via the advanced research but an option to do it with ctrl + click or by right-clicking or via the menu of the "action" button would be awesome.

    Any chance of having this in the coming releases ?

  • Hi, checking in 5 years later. Is this implemented? Still seems I can only select tags in AND mode.
  • I also would like to see this feature added. Specifically, I would like to see the boolean logic added to the tag search so that I could just type `plant | tree -apple` and all tags matching plant or tree but not apple would be *automatically selected.* This would be super slick and avoid the need to leave the keyboard to click on tags after searching.
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