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    For a vertical orientation of zotero you may try the "Tile Tabs" add-on for Firefox.

    "Split panel" works fine with Zotero, but is only compatible up to Firefox 3.5, not 3.6.

    (Take care not wasting your time: "split browser", now "Fox Splitter" is incompatible with zotero. zotero will not start with "split browser").
  • This would be so fabulous that I cannot believe only 32 requests for it have been made in 3 years. This is request 33.
  • Just adding my voice to the yes, please, please, chorus.
  • Me too! The Vertical space Zotero currently consumes is now far more expensive both on desk- and lap-tops than horizontal space. I would use a side-by-side layout in a heartbeat.
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    Count me in! In fact, I want this so much that I tried to make a mock-up of a zotero w/ sidebar sometime ago, and gathered other posts related to zotero sidebar and tabs requests in this forum thread, with some mock-up screenshots on flickr, take a look if you like:
    Zotero as Sidebar & Tab (Mock-up)
    best wishes
  • One more request for a sidebar.
  • pick me for the request!
  • can it just pop out like firebug does?
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    yes, that's cool, and i want a side bar for Word too...that wold be impresive, amazing...that would be a leap, a big jump for Zotero...because just rigth now, the add-in of endnote in Word is better (i think that is the only thing better in Endnote than in Zotero)...Endnote is dead, long live Zotero. ; )
  • I absolutely LOVE Zotero, and promote it all I can, and maybe a bit more, so First things first -


    That said, I would love a sidebar in both the browser (#1 priority), and in word.

    Fantastic offering, keep up the great work.
  • Definitely another vote for sidebar. Thank you!
  • Just +1 for the sidebar here. Like most laptop users my screen is much wider than it is long, I'd prefer to load zotero in a vertical sidebar (wouldn't have to be 'the' sidebar, i could live with it on the right, for instance). Thanks!
  • one more vote for a sidebar :)
  • Zotero + Vertical/Sidebar = Win.
  • Agree. Want Sidebar!
  • one more vote. thanks!
  • i too wish for the same

  • one more vote...

    ... and until it (may be) done:
    workaround for firefox users:
    1) install the "tile tabs" addon
    2) get used to work with it :-)
  • It would be sensefull to look at the firebug engine to organise the appearence. It solves this problem wunderfull.
  • Another vote. This seems so obvious that I don't understand why its not getting any serious attention (or is there a workaround that I missed?).
  • Another vote for the sidebar - is this feature all that difficult to implement? Alternative: a small "always on top" window for the standalone?!
  • (Zotero for Firefox as a fully functioning Zotero will go away in the not-too-distant future given changes in Firefox. So the browser sidebar is definitely not going to happen anymore.)
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