bugreport: bibliographies from group libraries include attachments

Here's a small bug that I noticed: If one creates a bibliography from items in group libraries, the bibliography includes separate entries for attachments such as notes and pdfs. This only happens if the attachments are expanded and included in the selection of the items to be used in the bibliography. (Zotero 3.0.3)
  • That's not a bug, nor is it limited to group libraries. Zotero has always generated entries for selected child attachments.

    It quite possibly shouldn't, but it's expected behavior as is.
  • Thanks for clearing this up. I must have tested this with a different kind of attachment for the local library. At least for me this behavior was surprising.
  • Right—I just meant "expected" in the "not a bug" sense.

    I'm not sure that there's really ever any value in generating bib entries for child attachments, but we'll see if anyone chimes in to defend the current behavior.
  • (It also includes child notes, which seem similarly undesirable.)
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