annoying sync update flashing on screen

Since some versions, probably 3.0, ( I am currently on 3.0.3, mac OSX, firefox 10) the new blue and white sync update status is flashing far too often and makes working difficult. When I enter data, every minute or so syncing prompts to flash this white-blue horizontal update warning, which is very distracting. I suggest that either zotero should prompt sync less often, when it realizes that I am updating the database, or this status sign should go, or at least not pop up in the middle of full screen zotero.
many thanks
  • I have been meaning to post on this issue myself, didn't have time to do a search to see if it had been commented on before.) It is very distracting, especially when it just flashes. I'm sure it's way less than a second (but I haven't put a stopwatch to it yet! :))

    I recognize the need for this indicator and why it was implemented. So, I don't think it should go.

    But I also do not want Zotero to sync less often. I mean...that's asking to lose data!

    What I suggest is some sort of conditional "showing" of the bar. Say if the delay is more than 1.5 secs (or some such number. Maybe 1 sec, maybe 2 or 5).

    When I am trying to read and study the notes I've taken, and often adding to them, the "flash" is distracting than a 1 sec "freeze".

    So, I'd like the bar to be triggered only when the "freeze" is long enough to be noticeable (and annoying in itself, which is why the bar was implemented in the first place, IIRC) and not every time Z syncs for a couple hundred msecs.

    But, yeah, please do something.

  • I agree with arggem on his ideas. I did not want to get rid of potential helpful status notification, but now it is really annoying, and makes regular, permanent work with zotero very difficult.
  • So, I'd like the bar to be triggered only when the "freeze" is long enough to be noticeable
    That was actually the original plan—we just haven't gotten around to implementing it.

    Issue created.
  • Good news indeed! Thanks, Dan!
  • great, thanks
  • I've changed this for 3.0.4, which will be available soon.
  • Has anyone seen this problem re-emerge recently? I'm having it in both Zotero and Juris-M.
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