Citation Methods.


I was wondering if zotero can support having direct citations in addition to paraphrased citations.

For example, we can insert (Smith, 1999) into word easily now. However, we got to edit if we wish to insert Smith (1999). Is it possible to have a checkbox to allow users to choose?

Thank You
  • Oh yes the feature you suggested is useful. However, it is limited when you have more than one authors, or authors with long or weird names/symbols.

    I know this sounds lazy but when there's over hundreds of citations, typing the name can get a little tiring.
  • That's not going to change - since the author in a citation like Smith (1999) becomes part of the sentence (i.e. if you leave "Smith" out you have an incomplete sentence), it's part of the text and should be handled in the Word processor.
    There are dozens of threads on this on the forum if you're interested in a more in depth discussion of the rationale behind this.
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