[BibTeX] Import a movie

I realize that Zotero doesn't support BibLaTeX various extensions to the BibTeX format, but I wonder if there still is a way to import a movie from Bib(La)TeX.

BibLaTeX offers the types 'movie' and 'video', both are imported as 'Book' in Zotero.

If I enter a movie in Zotero and export to BibTeX, the type 'misc' gets chosen (which is correct for traditional BibTeX). But if I try to import a misc BibTeX entry I again get 'Book'.

So is there a way to do that?

On a more general level: Is there a chance that we will see an importer one day which at least maps the obvious fields and types between Zotero and BibLaTeX (like 'movie' for example)?
  • I don't recall why BibTeX's 'misc' type is explicitly mapped to Zotero's 'book' type. It seems to me that we should map it to 'document' (despite the historical metadata limitations of that type).

    I don't personally see any downside of expanding the bibtex2zoteroTypeMap to include the BibLaTeX types (and other common-but-not-standard types in BibTeX, such as 'patent'). BibLaTeX's 'movie' could be mapped to Zotero's 'film', which would still be exported to BibTeX's 'misc'.
  • I started hacking the bibtex exporter (which is no small deal since I know nothing about javascript). Film/movie import now works properly, biblatex's dates are imported properly and 'title' and 'subtitle' and 'booktitle' and 'booksubtitle' respectively are merged.

    Working on the importer shows me that quite some stuff is still missing in Zotero;

    - The film type definitely needs a 'country' field and a field for the translated film title.
    - Translator is useless without original language and without original title.
    - Edition is quite pointless without date of original publication.
    - Date ranges are sorely needed.
  • For the original language stuff see here:
    This will likely make it into Zotero eventually, but if this type of stuff is important to you, it's probably a good idea to use MLZ, which is pretty stable.
    Date ranges and original dates of publication will likely be in Zotero 3.5 - there is somewhat better support for them in MLZ, but it's provisional.
  • Thanks. How are the various title fields of MLZ accessed in javascript if I want to import the data from a biblatex field?
  • I don't know - start a new thread labeled with [MLZ] or see if there's something on that on http://citationstylist.org
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