RIS import problem

Dear All,

The page http://www.opticsinfobase.org/abstract.cfm?URI=ol-36-15-2907 is not inserted correctly into zotero: the RIS is ansi-coded and seems to be interpreted as UTF-8 code. Indeed, the 3rd author, "Kermène" is displays "Kerm ne" (with a "?" instead of "è").

Is this a Zotero bug or a translator bug?

  • thanks for reporting, confirmed.
    Unless someone else gets to this, it'll take a while to fix. I've had some of these encoding issues before and they're a bit hard to deal with. I'll let you know once a fix is available.
  • This will be fixed in the next release. It could also be fixed now if someone wants to convince the site to serve a charset in the content-type header.
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