QuickFormat dialog gets stuck when inserting citation

I am using Zotero 3.0.2 revision 10843 and Mac Word 2011 and occasionally The QuickFormat dialog gets stuck when I try to insert a new citation. This happens after pressing enter to close the dialog. The {citation} field in the Word document disappears and the progress dialog will not disappear. The only solution that I have found is to quit Firefox.

Report ID 1166873929
  • edited February 16, 2012
    What stage is the progress dialog stuck at? Can you get debug output for this and/or come up with steps to reproduce? Unfortunately the report ID doesn't give me much to go by.

    It's also possible that this is due to a lock contention issue with the 3.5-series Word for Mac plugin. Can you reproduce with the current release plugin?
  • I do not how to reproduce this. It has occurred a few times in the past tow days. The progress dialog shows full progress, if I read it correctly

    I switched on debug and hope that I will get lucky and encounter this problem again.
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