No tools menu in zotero

Sometimes, when a pdf is opened within firefox, Zotero lacks
the menu bar and cannot "Create New item from current page"
See an screenshot here:

Using firefox 9
Ubuntu 10.04
zotero 3.0.2 r10843 (last xpi)

Example with:
and click on PDF
  • We fixed this a long time ago, but it looks like the problem has returned in 3.0. We'll take a look.

    Why are you using "Create New Item from Current Page" on ScienceDirect, though? You should be able to save using the address bar icon from the article page, and if you have access to the PDF it should download that too (though I haven't tested lately). You don't want to use "Create New Item from Current Page" on a supported site.
  • I'm using "Create New Item from Current Page" precisely because the pdf is not automatically downloaded from this site. In fact, I was advised on using "Create New Item from Current Page" in this list.
  • edited February 16, 2012
    you can alternatively drag the icon to the left of the URL bar (on this page it's the red Z for Zotero) to Zotero (not sure if that will work on that page).
    Also, the pdf should download automatically - do you have a link to the thread where we (I?) advised you to manually download it?
  • It does not automatically download the pdf for me, I indicated the link to the page for you to try.
    As far as I can tell, it never does so with ScienceDirect, although it does in other services.
    And no, I do not have the link of that thread, but should not be difficult to search for it.
  • I'm asking because it does download the pdf for me and I'm trying to remember if we knew/diagnosed why it didn't for you.
  • Maybe it's a problem on the ScienceDirect side?
    I'll pay attention to other services, although ScienceDirect is the one
    I use most often.
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