Problem with capitalization in citations

I have a French author whose name I have entered as Agenor de Gasparin. When I use one source, a book, it becomes Agenor De Gasparin. It is entered correctly in the Item on Zotero. There are no other such citations for this item. I have deleted it and tried again, but it keeps popping up with the De instead of de
  • Which style are you using?
  • this is an endnote in Chicago full note style.
  • have you entered the author as
    de Gasparin, Agenor (in two-fields mode) or as
    Agenor de Gasparin (in one-field mode).
    The latter might not work correctly.
  • Apologies, I misstated my problem. This is in the TITLE of the book a biography of Agenor de Gasparin and it is in the title that I am having the recurring DE problem.
  • oh OK. CMoS title cases automatically. If the title of a book is in a language other than English, put the mozilla code for that language in the language field of the item (i.e. in this case fr-FR) and title casing will be disabled.

    Generally this means we need to think about dealing with proper names like this in English titles - e.g. imagine the book is called:
    Agenor de Gasparin. A very exciting life.
    That should be
    Agenor de Gasparin. A Very Exciting Life.
    according to CMoS but we have no way of rendering that. Thoughts?
  • The processor recognizes a special span node as in-field markup that disables text-case transforms within the span. It's non-standard, so tying it into a WYSIWYG editor would take extra work, and, well, it's non-standard. It's there as proof of concept, though: perhaps some kind of agreed semantic markup for proper names is what's needed.
  • Thanks, that did it, and I'll remember in the future. It had me stumped.
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