Translation comments

Whilst translating Zotero, I noticed a few things in

- there are (still) various references to OpenOffice(.org), which should probably be changed to LibreOffice (also in zotero.dtd)
- "The selected references is cited within your document." is wrong. This is the string for "integration.removeBibEntry.title", so it should probably say "reference".
- "ibid" should be capitalized.
- "The style you have selected does not appear to be valid. If you have created this style yourself, please ensure that it passes validation as described at Alternatively, try selecting another style." should probably point to
- "Clicking "Yes" will prevent Zotero from updating this citation if you add additional citations, switch styles, or modify the reference to which it refers. Clicking "No" will erase your changes." Should "the reference" be changed to "the item"? It's about modifying the cited item in your Zotero library, right?
- "Zotero can recognize a reference on this page. Click this icon in the address bar to save the reference to your Zotero library." I'd argue that "Zotero has found a reference on this page." is more accurate.
  • Your comments seems reasonable.

    Another question (asked on the transifex platform): what does mean "See the certificate override documentation for more information.". Is it related to an invalid security certificate that can be accepted?
    Which "documentation" (zotero, webdav)?
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    Also, a typographical question: while most files use an ellipsis in strings like "Submit Feedback…", eight English strings in preferences.dtd use three periods. Should these be replaced by ellipses?
  • @Gracile:
    I believe it refers to this:
    but I don't know to which documentation the link goes.
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    Thanks. I've fixed up everything on the 3.0 branch except for "ibid," for which capitalization shouldn't matter. (It never appears in the UI; it's only there so that people can type "ibid" into QuickFormat and get the last cited reference, and the code that uses it is case-insensitive.)
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