Import Bookends to Zotero?

I'm trying to help a colleague export her Bookends library to Zotero so she can make the switch. It appears they don't share a common import/export format, none of our experiments worked, and google shows me some old forum threads and many complicated workarounds, some of which are beyond my expertise.

Any advice? Thanks.
  • What are the export formats that Bookends supports?
  • Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the software to list them, but it doesn't support RIS. We solved it in a weird way by exporting from Bookends to XML, importing the XML into Mendeley and exporting from there to RIS. (Endnote supposedly *should* have worked as an intermediary, but we couldn't get it to import successfully.)
  • Jason - do you happen to know if Endnote XML is documented somewhere? We should see if we can support that in Zotero.
  • Word on the street is that Endnote XML is a moving target, and even Endnote doesn't support it (as Jason discovered).
  • Unfortunately I know nothing besides what the Googles tell me about it. Thanks for looking into it, folks.
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