Suggestion: Provide Reporting for Merge Duplicates process

There are two places where being able to generate a report would be helpful during the merge duplicates process. (Many of us may have a print-to-PDF capability.) I have not found a reporting capability for:
1) Duplicate Items (under Library). It would help to review before merging, particularly where Item Type was wrongly entered.
2) Trash. Reporting the Items in Trash would provide a log and some chance of recovery.
  • What do you mean by a "reporting capability"? You can create reports from items in the trash and in the duplicate items folder/saved search, so presumably that's not what you have in mind?
  • Well, I'll be switched! I can get the report for Trash, but have not found the way to do it for Duplicate Items. Suggestions?
  • There is a collection "Duplicate items" at the bottom of the left panel. If you select a pair of items from that collection and right-click you can create reports.
  • Duplicate Items: Must be my version or something. Zotero 3.0.1. Firefox 10.0.1. Windows XP 32 bit SP3.

    No right-click report prompt (or any prompt) for two identical "Journal Article" or two items of different type. No prompt at all for pairs of items or the entire collection of duplicates.
  • You were right about "Trash". Thank you!
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    You're saying that if you click on a set of items in Duplicate Items and right-click, you don't get a context menu?

    If there's no context menu, either you're doing something wrong or there's something wrong with your Firefox installation. There's always a context menu on items in the middle pane, regardless of the view or how many are selected.
  • There is a context menu (with Generate Report) on selections in the Trash collection and on selections within the Library and my main operational Collection.
    A multi-pair selection can be made on Duplicate Items, but there is no context menu for them.
  • Disable your other Firefox extensions, restart Firefox, and try again. If it doesn't work, provide a Report ID.
  • WA
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    Done. Sorry for delay. Still no context menu for Duplicate Items listed in center pane.

    Updated 2/14/2012. Zotero 3.0.1. Firefox 10.0.1. Windows XP 32 bit SP3. Firefox using ~263,000K, Plugin container ~65,000K
    Retried selecting a range of duplicate pairs, right-click selection, no context menu appears, (no report errors entry).

    There is no Report ID.
  • You didn't provide a Report ID.
  • Thank you continuing to help. There is no Report ID.
  • OK, looks like a Windows-only bug. Double-right-clicking seems to work. We'll fix for 3.0.3. Thanks.
  • Thank you! You are a marvel! Double-right-click does indeed work. I would never have thought of that. :-)
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