Saved Tag Anomalies

FYI: The following happened occasionally when the "Save To Zotero Icon" was used from Firefox’s location bar (at the top of the browser window, where the current web address appears, e.g., the URL). This is not an error report, since I was too occupied correcting the problem to document the exact case. Sorry.

Cases ("Strange Tags" hereafter):
1) An entire set of tags was inserted as one Tag, consisting of a comma-separated list that was four lines long.
2) The entire set of "Author-supplied Keywords" was inserted as separate tags, some prefixed by "*", some all-capitalized, some not all-caps if matched to a pre-existing tag. (COins reference from Mendeley).

Partial work arounds: Tags were added to the item from the tag list I use. The comma-separated list was deleted from the item. The "Author-supplied Keywords" were deleted from the item.

a) The "Strange Tags" never did appear in tag list at the bottom of the left pane.
b) The "Strange Tags" no longer appeared with the item.
c) "Strange Tags" were suggested in the drop-down list of "Add Tag" for an item in the right-hand pane.
d) An Item with a "Strange Tags" could be found through search on "tag contains ...."

I finally was able to clear residual c) and d) by deleting the item and using "Create New Item from Current Page".

Sorry to give you only a heads-up rather than a test case. Let me know if you want me to capture a case if it happens again.
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