Book chapter

I'm editing a reference retrieved from pdf metadata. The
item is a chapter within an edited book. I've selected "Book Section"
as "Item Type" but I miss the records to enter the names of the editors. What I need is to file something like:

Schimel, D.S., F.W. Davis, and T.G.F. Kittel. 1993. Spatial information for extrapolation of canopy processes: Examples from FIFE. Pp. 21-38, in: Scaling Physiological Processes: Leaf to Globe. J.R. Ehleringer and C.B. Field (eds.). Academic Press, San Diego.

Is there another "Item Type" that would be more appropriate?
  • I think you need to click the plus button at the right of the author's name to open an entry field for another author. Then click on "author" on the left of that newly open field and select editor
  • what Gitty says:
  • Great! Thanks.
    But perhaps the Editor field should be there by default.
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