Synch errors Debug D1122440240

For several weeks I have been having trouble synching my three computers with Zotero. No computer signals an error, but attachments are not consistently distributed across them, nor are they consistently uploaded to the online library. I have checked database integrity (which is fine) and reset file sync history according to the suggestions for this kind of trouble, but this doesn't resolve the issue. At the present time I have a pdf attachment that I can see on my local machine, and it will show the file in a Zotero folder; I can open that file with Acrobat so I know it is on my machine and located by Zotero locally. Sync produces a new citation listing in "my library" on and the attachment is listed by name, however there is no pdf link and when I click on what is on the webpage, it gives me an empty note. Sync completes but it does not upload the file. Sync on my other machines completes but they do not download the (nonexistent) attachment, however they do list it as an attachment; it simply cannot be found. So there seems to be some issue where attachments are recognized, and their description downloaded and uploaded, they appear as pdf files, but they are simply hollow markers.

Zotero 3.0.1
Firefox 10
OSX 10.7.3

Many thanks in advance.

  • Provide a Debug ID for the first sync on the computer with the attachment after Reset File Sync History, and tell us the eight-character folder name when you do a Show File for that PDF.
  • Debug ID is D729123598

    Folder is 24AZNEWQ; file name starts with Dudas-2010....

    Thanks much, Dan
  • Hmm, are you positive that was the first sync after Reset File Sync History? I'm not seeing any attempt to upload that fileā€”and, actually, I only see it scanning what I think would be a fraction of your attached files (~100).

    (Alternatively, are you positive the 24AZNEWQ file is available on that computer?)
  • Yes, I am positive in response to all your questions. I also noticed that it was only scanning 100 items, and I have many more than that.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Can you provide another Debug ID that includes both the Reset File Sync History operation and the subsequent sync?
  • D1017135960

    Sync noted 105 items that it checked. lists that I have 7234 items.

    Again, thanks for the help.
  • It looks like you don't have Zotero set to sync My Library files, only group files.
  • Thanks for your help. Error on my part.

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