Error(?) in csi style: Journal of Social Archaeology

I think the year-date macro should be adjusted. The uncorrected form now on the website yields "( 1987)" for a note with the author's name suppressed (note the leading space). Just making the prefix in that macro equal to "" means that there's no space after the author's name when it isn't suppressed, which is obviously wrong. So I then edited the suffix in the citation portion of the csi.

Works for me in the limited cases I looked at (that is, in-text notes with the author's name present and suppressed).

Here' are my changes:
1. Changed the prefix to an empty string
<macro name="year-date">
<if variable="issued">
<date variable="issued">
<date-part name="year" prefix=""/>
<text term="forthcoming" prefix=", "/>

2. Added a space after the suffix comma:

<layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="; ">
<group delimiter=": ">
<group delimiter="">
<text macro="author-short" suffix=", "/>
<text macro="year-date"/>
<text variable="locator"/>
  • I updated the style (available from the style repository now), with a slightly different solution:
  • Works for me.

  • Two problems with the current version in the bibliography section:

    1. text-case="title” doesn’t seem to account for foreign languages. For example "Und" is getting capitalized in the middle of German titles.

    2. The names of editors after a book title have no preceding space.
  • 1. You'll need to mark foreign language titles as such in Zotero by inserting the language code in the language field - i.e. de or de-DE for German.
    2. I can look at that - could you provide an example?
  • 1. You know I tried that! But with three-letter codes, which is what I usually use.

    2. You can try this one out of my library:

    I get:

    Neils, J. (2004) Kitchen or Cult? Women with Mortars and PestlesS. Keay and S. Moser (eds).
  • 1. We can/should probably make three-letter codes work, too. I'll ask Frank about that.
    2. I'm not sure how a book with author and editor(s) should be cited - this certainly isn't right, but I'd need to have an idea of how this should look like before I fix this. in this case you have this labeled wrong - the Neil paper is a chapter and should thus be a book section.
  • 1. Is Zotero actually language-sensitive? That is, does it apply different sets of rules? (Just a question)

    2. Good point. That's an import from an old biblio I had made. Note that if page numbers are missing the entry just ends without a final period. I'm checking for other books in my library that format wrong in this article.

    3. Now Book Section biblio entries look like this (without book title - which might be right - or commas between editor names (including the Oxford comma, of course!):

    Neils, J. (2004) ‘Kitchen or Cult? Women with Mortars and Pestles’, in S. Keay S. Moser and B. A. Sparkes (eds) pp.54–62.

    BTW, I'm happy to try to fix this myself, but are there syntax rules available somewhere?
  • 1. So far only for title casing. It's possible that more - or at least the possibility for more - will be added in the future.

    3. The style will produce the book title - you'll have to put it into the "book title" field. The item should also probably have a publisher and a publisher place

    As for syntax rules, I'm not sure what you mean - for CSL? That's here:
  • I did mean CSL syntax, yes.

    3. I meant that there are no commas between, for example, "Keay" and "S. Moser" and see (b) below.

    A few more things, now that I've cleaned up my Zotero entries:

    a) A legitimate book entry with an editor, missing space before editor's name (P. J. Scremin):

    Harpur, Y. (1987) Decoration in Egyptian Tombs of the Old Kingdom: Studies in Orientation and Scene ContentP. J. Scremin (ed.) London and New York: KPI.

    from my

    b) From the same entry as above, no space between "pp." and page numbers in book sections:

    Neils, J. (2004) ‘Kitchen or Cult? Women with Mortars and Pestles’, in S. Keay S. Moser and B. A. Sparkes (eds) Greek Art in View: Essays in Honour of Brian Sparkes, pp.54–62.

    c) Books have no punctuation between title and place. There is a formatting change from italics to plain, and a space, but no punctuation. Maybe that's right?

    Appreciate the help.
  • I have a lot on my plate, so if you want to take a look that would be much appreciated. Happy to help if you run into problems.
  • A modified/fixed style is now up. It turns out that the actual journal style is very different from what they list in the requirements (that's sadly not as unusual as you'd think). The uploaded style follows what they actually do in the journal.
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