New "Add Citation" loses focus in LibreOffice

First of all, thanks so much and congrats on releasing Zotero 3. It's amazing.

I'm using LibreOffice 3.4.5 with Zotero Standalone 3.01 on Windows 7. When adding a citation with the new "Add Citation" dialog, the bubble constantly pops in and out of focus. If I type, the letters enter into the bubble just fine (even when it's out of focus). When I minimize all windows (including LibreOffice), the bubble just flashes on my desktop, so I don't think it's any other windows that are interfering.

The classic dialogue box works fine, so I'm currently using it as a workaround, but I'd l love to be able to use the new version.
  • Can you explain the visual symptoms in more detail? How do you know it's out of focus? If you can take a screenshot or screencast, that might be helpful.
  • amc
    edited February 3, 2012
    There's a screencast of the problem at

    As an experiment, I disabled the Aero theme and switched to the Windows Basic theme, and it worked fine. Seems something in Aero is messing with the bubble somehow.
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