Display Publisher as Creator if No Author

We work with a fair number of government reports/documents where there's a publisher (CDC, NIH etc.) but no author. My request is that the middle pane of Zotero display the publisher in the creator field when there is no author.

Also, is there a way to make the right pane narrower? It takes up a lot of space even when it's a narrow as it will go.

Thanks, you guys are terrific!
  • I don't think that's a good idea - it may work for some people, but others may want to use column sort specifically to sort/check for empty author fields.
    While styles can handle this, as a matter of data entry, I also think that corporate authors should be in the author field when they're going to be treated as authors.
    No, currently there is no way to make the right pane narrower because of the buttons used. It's a frequent request, though.
  • Hmmm. I guess that's true. One can add Publisher to the middle pane, although it's not sorted with the author.

    In the styles we use the publisher isn't treated as the author.

    Why does the Document type lack a Place field when it has a Publisher field?

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    As a side note, for better control over formatting with government documents, the (still experimental) extended CSL schema hosted at CitationStylist adds a jurisdiction variable. I'm hopeful that this will eventually make its way into official Zotero and CSL, as it's the only way to get clean citations from a uniform and intuitive data layout for this category of material.
  • Why does the Document type lack a Place field when it has a Publisher field?
    Other people have asked the same question: https://github.com/ajlyon/zotero-bits/issues/18

    It's on the to-do list.
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