Google Scholar translator shows different items than Google Scholar

When I try the following page:

The third item in the page "Manual" is not recognized by the Google Scholar translator. Also, the translator finds an item "Long-lived oxidants generated by human neutrophils: characterization and bioactivity" as item number 10 although this does not appear on the search results page. (This item appears as the first item in the second page of search results.)
  • True. It skips raw PDFs by design, because I couldn't see any way to get metadata for them. For this entry, we would have to work from what shows in the search listing, which is:…, KNKBI Test - Circle Pines (MN): American …, 1990 - such items from the listing isn't graceful or kind, but I wasn't sure how better to handle it. Certainly open to suggestions.
  • How about just importing it as a webpage with the title that Google Scholar shows and then adding a note explaining that it could not be properly imported?
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