ARTSTOR translator needs updating

I just sent ARTSTOR the following email:

Our university uses Zotero ( as the primary citation management software for undergraduates and for several reasons we also recommend it to our graduate students and faculty in Arts & Humanities disciplines.

We are therefore concerned that, while ARTSTOR contributed at one time to a site translator, that translator has not worked for some time. It needs to be updated.

We hope you will invest the time in updating this translator soon, for the benefit of a sizeable portion of our ARTSTOR users.

Thank you for your consideration.
  • just as a heads up - this may just not be possible. I looked at artstor when I went through all the translators, and the entire site is one big javascript application. We can't get to this with Zotero translators.

    The way to go would likely be for them to improve the RIS export and serve it with a proper mime type.
  • They could still add proper metadata in some format that we read and send the metadata-updated event from time to time, to get Zotero support without requiring a translator at all.
  • there is now a basic ARTstor translator. It only works when you bring forward the info panel of an item, but then it should work decently well.
    It's pretty easy to add extra fields as long as they are present in the item display, so let me know if/where this needs improvement.
  • I tried this today and didn't find that it worked. Has there been any change?
  • hmm - I may have overlooked something. Zotero can theoretically detect and translate the data, but it's not displaying the translator icon and I'm not 100% sure how we can do that. I'll think about it, but it's possible we're back to square one (the site really is quite a mess)
  • The translator would work if ARTstor would fire the ZoteroItemUpdated event when displaying new information in the info panel. That should be fairly easy for ARTstor to implement if they wanted to do it. This page gives an example of how this is done:

    In the mean time, you can use the bookmarklet hosted on this page: So basically, you would go to the image you are interested in, bring up the info panel, click the bookmarklet, and then use the Zotero icon in the URL bar to import. You would have to click the bookmarklet every time the image changes. Otherwise you will be importing the same image each time.

    I know this is not ideal, but I think this beats typing things in by hand.
  • @aurimas - do you still have that bookmarklet somewhere? Link is dead.
  • nevermind, figured it out myself.
  • ARTstor should work without bookmarklet now, btw (thought I know that's probably not why you asked about this).
  • The artstor translator isn't showing up at all. Any ideas why?
  • Seems to be working ok on my end. Note that the translator doesn't work if you double-click the images and they open up in a new browser window. The translator will detect and import metadata from the top-most pop-up when you click on image titles. If you're not seeing this behavior, please start a new thread and go through these steps
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