Button on website

I created my website with my list of publications. I would like to add beside each of them a little icon "post to Zotero". But I could'nt find how to do?
Is it possible to add a simple button (like for CiteUlike or Mendeley), which import metadata by pmid or doi? Is it possible by the way Zotero is developped? I don't want (or can't) create Coins or building a site translator, it's way too much complicated to me.
  • no, that's not really possible. If you list the items' DOI as part of the citation, Zotero will automatically pick it up and users will see a Zotero folder icon in the URL bar.

    Otherwise - COinS is rather trivial to create: bibliographies exported as html by Zotero automatically contain COinS.
  • Thanks so much for your quick answer.
    I will look at this.
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