Item notes field broken on iOS 5 and Android

The website works great for my iPad workflow, save one thing: I can't edit item notes. I use this feature a lot, so it's a drag.

The problem seems to be that the TinyMCE editor doesn't work on iOS (or Android...tested that just now), thanks to buggy or non-existent contentEditable handling.

Thankfully, iOS 5 seems to have fixed this, but this post suggests you need a fairly recent version of TinyMCE. So my request is, can you please either:

1. update the website's TinyMCE lib, or
2. include a bit of browser-detection logic that deactivates TinyMCE for mobile browsers.

Either one of those would really improve the mobile Zotero experience for those of us who favor notes over annotations.

If you point me in the right directions, I'd also be glad to make and commit either of these changes myself.
  • Just making a note here that Notes save just fine on my iPad with iOS 6.1, so apparently between the iPad OS and the version of TinyMCE in use, this problem is fixed.
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