Vancouver citation author-data alphabetical


I'm looking for a citation style that is vancouver, but has to be author-data and the bibliography sorted alphabetical.

At first I thought that the Journal Brain was what I was looking for, but somethings were not as they should be in the Vancouver style and. And, when I tried to change one of them using the other, it didn't work.

Can someone help me by making this style?
  • what is this for?
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    It is for a postgraduate program of my university that asks for this style of citation in the final paper. I tried to do, because i'm helping them to use more zotero, but i'm not managing to. Those tipes of changes.
  • I'm sorry, there just is no capacity to code styles for individual programs/departments.
    There are some easy to follow instructions here:
    and if you have specific questions we're happy to help, but that's it.
  • Thanks. Then I'll try again.

    Can you tell me why i can't just copy the layout of the citation and bibliography from one to another? is there some kind of incompatibility of languages?
  • because they use macros (<text macro="..."/>) that are defined in one style and not the other. If you find those macros (<macro name="..." to </macro>) and copy those, too, that should do it. It doesn't matter where exactly you copy them, but it needs to be among the other macros.
  • ahum... all right then. Thanks.
  • I have uploaded a style "Clinical Neurophysiology" to the repository. Check if that works for you, should be close.
  • It's perfect! Thanks a lot! I still didn't get what exactly I should have changed.
    There isn't any tool that could make the changes on styles easier?

    But again, thanks a lot! :D
  • oh! and a doubt... the <category citation-format="numeric"/> shouldn't be "author-data"? If i really understood how this works...
  • it should be thanks - doesn't change anything for how the style works (that information is just used for organizing the style on the repository), but I'll fix this.
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    thanks again^^ that really will make our lives easier:)

    And, another doubt, at the ABNT style it's asked the place from where the journal is and there is no field to include that information on zotero. I saw a discussion earlier at the forum and I didn't understood if you are planning of adding this field or not.
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