Sync problems with attachments not uploading

I have moved from trunk to 3.0c1 in order to fix syncing problems but there is still a problem with attachments. Sync returns no errors. However, attachments that can be located on local machine will not upload. They are, however, listed in My Library; they don't have any URL for downloading. My other machines have listings for these attachments but no actual file is downloaded.

I am happy to erase Zotero My Library and upload all again if that is the way to fix this, but not sure what does that. If there is something less drastic, I would appreciate having that pointed out to me.

Many thanks in advance for all help.


OSX 10.7.2
Firefox 9.1
Zotero 3.0rc1
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    If the file hasn't been uploaded correctly but syncing completes on Computer A without a sync error, go to the Sync→Reset pane of the Zotero preferences on Computer A and select Reset File Sync History. This shouldn't be necessary under normal usage, but it will cause Zotero to check every attachment to make sure that it has been uploaded to the server.
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