Strange sync behavior--machines synching differently

I have three machines using Zotero and all three sync without error. However, one machine has about ten pdf attachments that are accessible. Two machines do not sync these attachments, but list them. When I try to open them, Zotero informs me that the files cannot be located. In the trunk version of Zotero that I am using, they have a hollow blue dot, rather than a solid blue dot. The attachments are listed online at in My Library but they have no URL for downloading. The one machine where all pdfs are accessible syncs with no warning flags, yet obviously it is not sharing these attachments. I cannot figure out how to make this machine, where all attachments are present and accounted for, sync with all the other machines.

All advice appreciated.

Zotero Trunk 3.5a1.r10744
OS X 10.7.2
Firefox 9.01

Many thanks in advance.

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