MS: Word plugin: can we have Zotero menu in the Ribbon?

This is just a GUI question, not really about functionality. If Adobe Acrobat can create its own section on the Ribbon, Zotero should also be able to do that, no?

Is there a reason that Zotero is located in the somewhat ugly "addins" section? A dedicated Ribbon section would also make it possible to enlarge the buttons, which are getting pretty small on large screens.

PS I already know how to add the Zotero buttons to the quick access bar, which helps a bit, but is still not very pretty.
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    Making a separate section in the ribbon is possible (on Windows) and probably not too difficult. To have larger buttons, we'd need larger images, which would also be nice for NeoOffice/LibreOffice, but someone would have to make those.
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    FYI, this is what the Adobe ribbon section looks like in Word. Icons are larger indeed than the 16x16 Silk icons from which most Z icons are derived.

    Some people mention FatCow icons as a worthy 32x32 replacement of Silk. With 2400 icons to choose from there might be something there.
  • well in windows at least there are small Zotero icons have their own ribbon tab (addins). On the Mac, there is no ribbon, just a floating bar.
    Yes, I'd be "nice" to up the quality on these, but I'd say there are more pressing and gratifying things to work on, ones that actually add some functionality.
  • as a LO users I don't have a ribbon opinion, but I don't like the idea of larger icons - vertical screen space is scarce on a laptop.
  • now that wouldn't make a difference.. the ribbon is already there, adding another ribbon tab on the mac or actually using the available vertical space the ribon occupies by using proper sized icons wouldn't make a difference besides appearing more polished.

    I'm indifferent about resizing icons but I know many want that polished look, so I can understand people asking for it.
  • It's impossible to add another ribbon tab in any currently released version of Word for Mac using public APIs.
  • The Ribbon icons installed with Zotero Standalone are very small. This makes it difficult to identify their functionality as well as leaves much of the tab empty. I concur with others in this thread who suggest full sized, beautiful icons and a dedicated Zotero tab.
  • You guys want something like this: Just follow:

    If you want custom icons too:
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    You can also import/export customizations created by others. Here's a link to my customization for Word 2010. Just open "Customize the Ribbon" and near the buttom "Import/Export".

    I located my buttons on the Home Tab for easier access-- as opposed to simply improving the icons in the separate Zotero tab.
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    I have made large icons and integration in the Reference ribbon.
    I have also merged Insert and Edit citation, and Insert and Edit Bibliography in dynamic icons.
    Until a new version, you can test the new icons by replacing the file by the new Zotero.dotm file in the Word Startup directory
  • Really fantastic work, Marc! Many thanks for this helpful tool. It's working beautifully for me on Word 2007 and looks great to boot.

    And for those wondering, your Word startup folder is typically located at:

  • Marc, are you aware of a way to use dynamic icons in the Quick Access Toolbar, like you have done with the ribbon? It would be great to use the same keyboard shortcut for both actions.
  • The dynamic icons are basically two different icons that are hidden alternatively by a macro. I have to check if the macro that controls the icons in the ribbon can also control the icons in the quick access toolbar.
  • Anyone care to post a screenshot of this?
  • @marc.klein, I love the icons! thank you. The Zotero team should consider including in their next release.
  • It looks nice, and would be ideal, but it seems to only be partially working for me. What am I doing wrong?

    1) It removes keyboard shortcut capabilities for Zotero functions and I can't re-assign them.
    2) The dynamic icon for citations doesn't work with Chicago 16th full note style, so I can add citations but not edit them. The add/edit bibliography button works, and both work with Harvard. Is this usual for Chicago 16th and I've just never noticed before that you can't edit citations?

    (Windows 8.1, Word 2013, I used the 28 April 2014 version from Github, Zotero standalone
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