Move, don't copy, attached file

I'd prefer to have Zotero move the file I'm attaching a stored version of to an entry. Most of the time I've downloaded a pdf to my Downloads folder and would like to have that file moved (and renamed, which I use the rename function for). Right now I have to delete the original once I'm done with Zotero.

(I figured I'd find this somewhere in the Fora, but didn't.)
  • Look into the Zotfile plugin, that might do what you want.
  • That seems to use a different file storage system entirely, and not have the option of defaulting to Zotero's built-in system, in contrast for what it does for renaming.

    For better or worse, I decided to let Zotero organize files. :-)
  • it can do both - look at the options as described here:
    If you check "attach stored copy of file" this will use Zotero's filing system. (the non-gui option is to set the "import" preference to "true")
  • Ah, it actually does do what I want, though it explicitly says that it "stores a copy of the file in Zotero" which sounds exactly like what Zotero does, and I don't want.

    Should really read "Moves, renames and attaches..."

    (A related question: does "Delete selected item from Zotero" when applied to an attached file not trash that file? Seems to just kill the link, but leave the file.)
  • For a copy stored within Zotero it deletes the file. For a link to the file somewhere else on the file system it just deletes the link.
  • Not on my system. It left it where it was. This was after attaching the file with Zotfile, to be clear.
  • Zotero has it's own trash. Empty that and the file will get deleted.
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