IHE not working in Safari, but OK in FireFox

Just got the "site translator is not working" error in Safari on an IHE page:


Switched over to FireFox (always on a Mac) and all was well.

Known problem?
  • note that there is no IHE translator - Zotero just uses embedded metadata. See 5. here http://www.zotero.org/support/troubleshooting_translator_issues

    Yes, it's known that that works better in Firefox than with the connectors.
  • Yes, saw that and forgot to note. Sorry.

    Bit frustrating that I have to open FireFox.
  • you don't really have to. In many cases where that translator fails for the connectors, metadata is terrible anyway, so you're about as well off using right-click --> Create new Zotero Item from Current Page.
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    Good to know. Thanks. I was thinking that the metadata would be better with the connector.

    One difference between the two methods on this page: the right-click gives a better name to the snapshot, while the connector calls it simply "snapshot."
  • To be clear - the reason we have the Embedded Metadata translator is that on some pages metadata is terrific and you'll get a complete entry - so it's worth trying it first.
  • (Figured I'd return to this one)

    So how does one push for a particular site translator, in this case IHE...obviously. It's one I use a lot.
  • There isn't really much you can do to be honest. Scraper-type translators for individual magazines are typically added by people who want them. It's not terribly hard to do as a FW translator:

    If you don't feel like you'll able to do that and you're interested, you could also pay someone to do it, wouldn't be all that expensive for a site like that.
  • Out of curiosity though, is the Embedded Metadata translator still giving you an error? I realize that even if it doesn't, the metadata is pretty bad, but I'm just wondering.
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