My Notes are difficult to read: How do I magnify them?

I'm using font size 12, which is what my book MS will be in, but the Notes appear very small and I don't see any way to magnify them. Can someone advise me on how to make this easier. Thanks.
  • By "notes" I do not mean citations but the yellow sticky note like text that I use to extract quotes or make comments on the sources.
  • The "General" Tab of the Zotero preferences has a setting for note font size.
  • Yes, I see that. I can go to a larger font for future notes; I gather there is no way to magnify or change the font of notes already entered. All the other fonts in Zotero are very easy to read, and I can adjust the size of all text ... EXCEPT that of the notes, which I have to lean forward to read.
  • Those changes apply to all notes, including old ones. You need to open a new window or restart Firefox/Zotero to see the effect.
  • Thanks so much adamsmith. Instant solution and now I can read without squinting. I'll just change the font if I want to copy and paste notes into my MS.
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    I would be surprised if the font-size carried over to Word (or anywhere else). Since it's adjusted via a css in Zotero I doubt it's copied to the clipboard. Try it out before you spend an unnecessary amount of time adjusting that setting back and forth.
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