Error copying collection to group in 3.0b3 demanding restart

Running Zotero 3.0b3 inside Firefox 9.0.1 on a Mac.

Just created my first Group.

Went to copy one of my collections in my personal library into the new group by dragging the folder icon down to be under the Group icon (brown folder).

Got an error report ID plus the instructions from Zotero that Firefox must be restarted.

Error report #: 2097100921
  • Can you restart Firefox and provide a Debug ID for a drag attempt that produces this?
  • Okay, this time the Debug ID is 1471489710

    Incidentally, this time I noticed that the request to restart Firefox did not come at the moment of the drag and drop, but immediately after when I clicked on the group folder to see if anything had landed there.
  • That's another Report ID. See my link for Debug ID instructions.

    (And what you describe is expected behavior for this type of error.)
  • Ah, sorry. Debug ID from the output logging is

  • Could you install the 3.0 Branch dev XPI and generate another Debug ID for this error using that? This is a strange error that we haven't seen before, and to debug it we'll need a bit more info, which the dev build may be able to provide.
  • Okay, I installed the 3.0 Branch dev and did it again; debug ID is

  • OK, thanks. Update to the latest 3.0 dev XPI and try again. I believe the error should be fixed.

    It was caused by dragging a collection containing a standalone file attachment (a PDF, most likely) to a group with file-editing turned off. In the latest dev XPI standalone file attachments are skipped in that situation.

    You can revert to the latest release build after trying the latest dev XPI, or you can stay on the dev XPI until 3.0RC1 comes out.
  • Yes, the error goes away with that updated dev XPI. Thanks! I'm really impressed by how quickly and cheerfully the Zotero team debugs!

    Loosely related question: What is the best way for me to maintain a collection where the desired behavior is that the collection itself be shared by a small group, but the attached PDFs be stored locally on my machine? (Both to save the price of storing them in the cloud and also to maintain access when my computer is offline.)
  • for your question:
    Set the collection up as a group, disable file sharing in the group in the group settings online.
  • It seems that once the collection is part of a group with group settings for no file sharing, then I can't add a PDF to the collection entries at all, even for local storage.
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