Article Missing in Reference List

In my reference list the numbering skips from 50 to 52, leaving out the journal for citation #51. This is in a Word 2007 docx document using the Vancouver with Superscript style. How can I get reference 51 to appear?

The field properties of the citation are the following:

ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM {"citationID":"1fgrjlvnpp","citationItems":[{"label":"page","uri":[""]},{"label":"page","uri":[""]}]}

There are 2 citations in the field. Even if I change them to be in separate fields the problem persists.

  • but 51 appears in the text? Have you tried removing and re-inserting it?
  • edited January 13, 2012
    Yes, 51 appears in the text. I've deleted and re-inserted it twice.
  • There was another citation for #51. We deleted all citations for 50-52, deleted the reference list and then re-inserted the citations. Now all is well.

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