Bug footnote after citation; Report ID D1535044540

There's a bug that broke my document. Spent some time finding it. What happened is this: I have an in-text-citation. Right after that I inserted a footnote: (Citation)FN. Within this footnote there are further in-text-citations, including a detailed repetition of the citation in the full text above.

In some way, this footnote seems to "connect" to the citation, because when I delete the citation but leave the footnote and click on refresh, the footnote is no footnote any more, but turns into an in-text citation.

I suppose, the zotero word-processor-plugin cannot handle a footnote (including further citations) right after an in-text-citation, and the documents breaks. And so does the plugin. I have to log out and in to make the plugin work again (I guess the JRE has to be restarted).

I work with References, not bookmarks in libreoffice (ubuntu).

I will find another way to put this citation, but if anyone needs more info, please comment.
  • the problem is more generally that whatever follows an in-text citation can become part of the citation - (you can replicate that by inserting a citation somewhere, keep on writing, then move the cursor back to the end of the citation and start writing.)

    The workaround is to press return after the citation, insert the footnote, move the cursor back one and press backspace.
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