Style for this formatting?

I am searching for a style that might roughly/closely match these requirements. I have been scanning the repository but have not found one. Does anyone have an idea of what might be a close match?


In-text references:
(Brown 1992)
(Brown 1992; Smith 1995)
(Brown 1992: 145)

Bibliography Examples (with book and journal titles in italics):

Valenstein, E. S. (1998). Blaming the Brain. New York: Free Press.

Hancké, B. (2010). ‘Varieties of Capitalism and Business’, in D. Coen, W. Grant, and G. Wilson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Business and Government. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 123–47.

Roback, H. B., and Abramowitz, S. I. (1979). ‘Insight and Hospital Judgement’, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 24: 417–24.

Galt, M. N. (1985). ‘Wealth and Income in New Zealand 1870–1939’, Ph.D. thesis (Victoria University, Wellington).

Quint, B. (May 2001). ‘One Hour to Midnight: Tasini Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court’, Information Today [online journal], (accessed 1 July 2001).

Drucker, P. (1995). 'Really Reinventing Government', Atlantic Monthly, 275(2): 49–61.
  • try Political Studies or British Journal of Sociology.

    What is this for?
  • Thanks!

    It's for a chapter in an Oxford University Press book.

  • That was fantastically helpful and I was able to make the small changes to the Political Studies style using the Step by Step help page (and a bit of guesswork).

    Thanks very much!
  • It would be great to include the Oxford University Press Style to the available list of styles. Care to paste it so that adamsmith can include it (preferrably on I guess). WOUld be much appreciated...
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