General usage impressions-Zotero 1.0.2 vs 1.0.1

Hello folks,
here are my impressions on usage of zotero 1.0.2 over earlier 1.0.1
I installed the thing before it was approved on mozilla.

as 1.0.1 liked to crash here and there,when I saw 1.0.2 release locally on this site I expected to crash less.No.
It started to crash more often,so I stepped back to 1.0.1

Of the things I like and use in Zotero: Tags,Collection building via Item and page snapshots under item,adding notes to each snapshot.

Feature Request: I will post a feature request regarding tags+delicious system in appropriate place in this forum.

Best regards
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    What do you mean by "crash"? As in, an actual Firefox crash?

    Firefox crashes indicate bugs in Firefox, though we can sometimes work around them in our code. However, we haven't heard reports of regular Firefox crashes while using Zotero for quite some time.

    Have you tried disabling other extensions?

    Can you reliably reproduce a crash by following a particular series of steps?

    What platform is this?

    Are you running Firefox
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